Hillock Green Elevation Chart

Hillock Green Elevation Chart
Hillock Green Elevation Chart and Unit Mix

Hillock Green Elevation Chart and Unit Mix

A Unit Distribution Chart for Hillock Green is a visual representation or diagram that illustrates the layout and distribution of individual units or apartments within a condominium complex. This chart is typically used for informational and marketing purposes, both for potential buyers or renters and for the management of the condominium.

Key elements of a Unit Distribution Chart may include:

1. Unit Numbers: Each unit is typically labeled with a number or identifier.
2. Unit Types: Different types of units may be differentiated, such as one-bedroom, two-bedroom, or studio apartments.
3. Unit Sizes: The square footage or dimensions of each unit may be included.
4. Floor Levels: The chart may display the units on different floors or levels of the building.
5. Orientation: The chart may indicate the orientation of each unit, such as whether it faces the street, courtyard, or another direction.
6. Common Areas: Common areas, such as elevators, stairwells, or shared amenities like a pool or gym, may also be marked.
7. Special Features: If there are units with unique features, like balconies, terraces, or premium views, these can be highlighted.
8. Available Units: For sales or rentals, the chart may indicate which units are available, sold, or leased.

Unit Distribution Charts are useful for both potential buyers and property management as they provide a clear overview of the layout of the condo complex. They can help individuals make informed decisions about the units they are interested in and can be a useful tool for property managers to keep track of occupancy and availability. These charts are often used in promotional materials and real estate listings to showcase the variety and availability of units within the condominium.

11th Oct 2023 : Here is the Hillock Green Unit Distribution Chart. This shows all the units on each floor of the development.



Hillock Green Elevation Chart
Hillock Green Elevation Chart



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14th Sep 2023 : The draft of the Hillock Green unit mix is out.

Hillock Green Release Unit Mix for New Launch